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The Sunday Times: InGear section, Sunday August 29, 2010
"The best combination of price, build and audio performance is offered by the HD 238s. These compact headphones are built to last, with high-quality plastic pickups and foam and vinyl earpads, which can be replaced should they wear out. They come with a handy travel bag big enough for an iPod too. They were very comfortable on test over long listening sessions thanks to low weight, little headband pressure and soft padding… In the sonic stakes the Sennheisers were ... extra smooth, expansive and delicate presentation that lets you get to the heart of the music: the base is rich and full; the range of the treble, extensive.
Verdict: Classy and comfortable - excellent all-rounders for most genres of music."

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"The HD238 gives audiophiles yet another reason to love Sennheiser. The HD238 is a supra-aural pair, meaning that the cups sit on the ears instead of forming a seal around them. The ear pads are exceedingly comfortable and stay that way during long listens… Those looking for balance on a budget should certainly audition the HD238: It's a solid performer for just about every music genre."

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"The Sennheiser HD 238 headphones pack an impressive sound into a small, comfortable, over-the-head design. The compact, extremely soft on-ear pads and slimline headband help ensure you avoid sweaty head syndrome during prolonged listening… Sound-wise, the HD 238 headphones offer rich and detailed reproduction, with good bass without resorting to distortion. A wide range of music sampled during the review process sounded exceptional; stereo effects, such as sound moving from one ear to another, were very impressive. The level of crisp detail displayed leaves many in-ear style headphones wanting."

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"I bought these headphones to replace my close-type Sennheisers. HD 238 has a terrific life-like sound which surrounds you and provide a perfect range. Bass is very deep and strong, mid/high ranges are very clear and crisp. I am amazed with the sound, and truly satisfied. The build quality is perfect, lots of nice touches like metal trims, high-quality cloth padding. HD 238 is one of the most comfortable headphones that I ever tried. It is lightweight and perfectly sized, sits on your head comfortably. Single side cable is a perfect touch to the design."

"Both my wife and i have a pair of these headphones and we really like them. We were fed up with my son forever borrowing them that we decided to get him a pair and he is really delighted ... If anyone is looking for a good quality pair of headphones, too, purchase a pair as they are a good piece of kit to own."
D W Berrington

"Quite simply the best headphones I've ever used... I use them not only for music but they're great for Amateur Radio on the TS870 also.....Totally Recommend."
William A Scott

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